Born in 1976, he is a Polish photographer and educator. He is a member of the international street photography collective UP Photographers and an official Fujifilm X-Photographer. His photographic interests lay in documentary, travel and street photography. After living abroad for 20 years he is now back in Poland and continues to lead his popular street photography workshops worldwide. Maciej's photos have been widely published, exhibited and received numerous awards. They have also been featured in major street photography books including "Street Photography Now" and "Bystander: A History of Street Photography" among others. Maciej's first monograph "Cardiff After Dark" was published by Thames&Hudson in 2012. His second book "Sonepur Mela" is scheduled to be published in 2021. www.maciejdakowicz.com

Photographer, born in 1973 in Warsaw. Two-time recipient of a scholarship from the Minister of Culture and National Heritage (2012 and 2018). Member of ZPAF (Association of Polish Art Photographers) and Press Club Poland. Co-founder and member of Napo Images - agency specializing in documentary photography, author of three photography books. He worked on various documentary projects and assignments in Poland, India, Russia, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey, Germany, Belgium and Ukraine. He worked as a photojournalist for magazines like "Tygodnik Solidarność", "Życie Warszawy", "Życie" and "Polska the Times". Between 2015-2019 he worked as the head of the photo department at the FORUM Polish Agency of Photographers. He has been working in the Polish branch of Fujifilm since 2020.

Documentary and street phoptographer, winner of Grand Press Photo Award and the Krzysztof Miller Award. Scholarship holder of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, she teaches street photography at the Union of Polish Art Photographers study. Ania is a member of the Polish street photography collective Un-Posed. She is interested in Eastern Europe and Post-Soviet countries, where she often travels in search for new visual experiences. A fan of Renaissance painting and Sława Przybylska's music. www.aniaklosek.com

She is a lecturer in the Department of Mathematics at the Cracow University of Economics, and a member of FORUM Polish Photographers Agency. She is a winner of many photography awards, including the National Geographic Grand Photo Contest Award (2015, 2016, 2017, 2018), Lens Culture Street Photography Award (2015), BZ WBK Press Foto Award (2016 - Zdjęcie Roku, 2017), Grand Press Photo Award (2016, 2020). www.mrowisko.wordpress.com

Born in 1991 in Częstochowa, curently based in Tricity, Poland. He is aphotographer with over 10 years of experience. Jarosław took his first photographs in 2008. His teacher, Marek Podgórski, got him into the hobby which quickly turned into a lifestyle. Member of the REPORTER Photographers Agency, he had his photographs published in promotion materials for the City of Częstochowa, newspapers and magazines like Gazeta Wyborcza, Wprost, Polityka. Jarosław works in Cyfrowe.pl, where he organizes events and trainings, tests equipment and gives advice for phtographers. He is a graduate of the Institute of Creative Photography in Opava in the Czech Republic, currently continuing his education at Master's level. Winner of the Grand Press Photo Award (2014r. - third prize in the Everyday Life category, 2015r. - third prize in the Environment category, 2021r. - second prize in the Events category), International Photography Award, Fotopolis Pentathlon Award, Discover Europe Award and many others. Awarded several times in local competitions: Klimaty Częstochowy or Obiektywnie Śląskie.

She is a Polish-Australian street photographer currently based in Seattle, USA. An English-literature academic by profession, Karolina’s interest in street photography was born at the turn of 2015 and 2016 when she moved across the ocean and started exploring her new city. Since that time, her images have garnered recognition at international photography competitions including Paris Street Photo Awards (first place in two categories, 2019), International Photography Awards One Shot (second place, 2019), PX3 Prix de la Photographie Paris (bronze medal, 2020), Chromatic Photography Awards (awards and honorable mentions 2017-2019), and London Street Photography Awards (finalist, 2020), to name just a few. She has been exhibited in the USA, Europe and Australia, and published in numerous photography magazines and books such as Women Street Photographers or World Street Photography. karolinatrapp.com